Get on your bike and support local businesses

Welcome to the Bikestyle Tours initiative to support local businesses. We have a simple purpose.

Help us to help you to help them.

We’re a global leading cycling tour operator, but proudly Australian. Our supportive, friendly and safe cycling trips are designed for cycling fans and enthusiasts.

Borne out of extraordinary events, we’re hosting extraordinary cycling holidays here in Australia and New Zealand. All of our trips are aligned to the fun and social experiences of the famous cycling tours hosted by Bikestyle Tours.

Most importantly, every Ride to Recovery trip supports multiple local businesses. Join the movement and join us on at least one of our Ride to Recovery cycling trips here in Australia and New Zealand.

Join our Ride to Recovery cycling trips here in Australia and New Zealand.

Support many local businesses

What are Ride to Recovery trips?

We’re hosting a series of cycling trips to help us, you and them Ride to Recovery. It’s been touted that it will be a long road to recovery. We believe that we may as well ride it! We will discover the great cycling destinations in Australia and New Zealand.

In this post-pandemic, socially distant environment, our trips take a modern approach to keep us all safe and healthy.

A safe and healthy trip format.

  • Short escapes (mostly 3-4 long weekends and some are week-long)
  • Small groups (ideally around 6 persons)
  • Less time travelling in vehicles (more time on the bike)
  • A focus on supporting local businesses
  • Some will have a training focus, delivered by our own Level 2 coach
  • For peace of mind and appropriate social distancing, twin share is only available to guests travelling together

Discover great cycling destinations in Australia and New Zealand.

Domestic cycling holidays in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are parochially leading the world in flattening the curve, such that we’ll form an ANZAC bubble with the exclusive opening of own borders. Truthfully, many have suggested that our sovereignty be shared as one – the New Australia-Land.

How great would it be? 

  • New Zealand could claim back their great singers and actors from Australia.
  • Australia could again have a chance at winning the Rugby World Cup.

Honestly, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming fantastic New Zealand and Australian guests over 25 plus years of cycling tours.

We’re coming to visit you.

What is New Australia-Land?

Bikestyle Tours is proud to have a strong contingent of New Zealand guests. We’re coming to visit Bikestyle NZ in the very near future.

Collaborate to support your own region

It is time we visit the local roads that our guest’s love. If you’d like to show our guests your local rides and region highlights, please contact us. We’re happy to collaborate and develop an itinerary that supports local businesses in your area.

Remember the devastation of the 2019/20 bushfire season

Across Australia, the 2019/20 bushfire season the bushfires killed 34 people, destroyed more than 3,500 homes and scorched over 12 million hectares.

New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland had the most extraordinary devastation compared to previous years. Many of these areas rely on domestic tourism. Soon after the inferno, travel restrictions eliminated any chance of a quick recovery.

We have dedicated trips to help local businesses in areas devastated by the fires. Not only will we be injecting money into the region, we’ll explore the beautiful rejuvenating landscape after fires.

More than 12 million hectares scorched in one fire season.

Image Credit: Free Aussie Stock

Ride to Recovery and help regenerate bushfire areas.

Tribute trips for a revised 2020 UCI World Tour calendar

The 2020 European cycling races have either been cancelled or postponed. Easing restrictions across Europe creates a small window for a condensed season. Getting to Europe this year will be difficult for our guests and moving around Europe itself will probably still have its limitations. Our Ride to Recovery trips still give us the opportunity to celebrate an incredible sport

Watch multiple races in a single day, as back-to-back events are crammed in.

Join us on one of our Uplate Tribute trips to watch the tough racing, share the experience with like-minded cyclists, cycle every day in a beautiful region and most importantly support local businesses.

Our Uplate Tribute trips give you a World Tour experience, here at home.

Cycling trips for your own recovery from home isolation

Most of us have cabin fever, especially for those who often travel, be it for work or leisure. Some of us will have worked harder, or been busier than before, while some will have filled their time cooking, gardening, watching television series, riding indoor-trainers or anything else to avoid the home-schooling challenge.

As restrictions ease, it is important you have your own personal goals for recovery.

Did you know that Adam Gill, the owner of Bikestyle Tours is a qualified Level 2 coach? Prior to purchasing Bikestyle Tours, he coached many athletes and delivered Level 1 coaching courses for Cycling Queensland.

Join Adam and other certified professionals at one of our short Training Camps and super-charge your own cycling. 

Climb faster, beat your mates, ride safer and most importantly always ride with a smile!

Bikestyle Tours is proud to be the offical coaching provider for the QLD Chain Reaction Challenge since 2016.

Our ride to recovery training camps give you with the most important training concepts. In a small group, Adam will guide you through theory and practical elements of training programs. You will also receive a short 4-week training program to get you started.

  • What are the elements to a training program?
  • What is periodisation? Strength-endurance? Adaptation phase?
  • What is the best nutrition for training, racing and recovery?
  • Why is recovery important in training programs?
  • What are the best cross-training activities for cycling?

Cycling holidays with an experienced operator – Bikestyle Tours

Our founding trips take guests to the biggest cycling events around the world and cycling in the most incredible environments, the French Alps, Northern Italy and incredible Spain, among others. We are very eager to return to these incredible destinations and share those roads with our travelling guests once again.

However, this pause in global activity gives us the most amazing opportunity to discover the great cycling destinations within our own backyard, our incredible weather, and the friendliest and most loving local communities.

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