Together, a cycling escape helps local communities

We are all have a passion for cycling and our cycling escapes celebrate this passion. Bikestyle Tours has been welcoming thousands of guests through the common connection of seeing the biggest cycling races. Beyond seeing the race our guests consistently develop strong social connections with fellow guests and our supportive guides, we’re more than just friends, we’re the Bikestyle family.

Our Ride to Recovery trips model off of this great social experience where we share the passion for cycling. What is the secret?

  • Our cycling escape trips provide a unique challenge for guests to accomplish something significant
  • Our cycling escape trips establish a supportive environment, so that
    • every rider is accounted for and no rider is left behind
    • experienced riders can ride more or ride harder if they want 
    • you will always find someone else to ride with to share the experience
  • Our cycling trips identify the elements that make it special and memorable

Discover the greatest cycling areas in Australia, and help local communities.

Australia + New Zealand Cycling Escape

Our Ride to Recovery cycling escapes have various styles to focus on the special and memorable experiences.

Every cycling escape trip helps local communities

Winter Escape cycling trips

More trips releasing soon:
Gold Coast Sunshine Coast

Uplate Tribute cycling trips

More trips releasing soon:
Tour de France Tour of Flanders Paris Roubaix Giro d'Italia Vuelta

Community cycling trips

Trips releasing soon:
Sea to Summit, NSW High Country, VIC Christchurch to Queenstown, NZ Margaret River, WA Bushfire areas, NSW

Personal Recovery cycling trips

More trips releasing soon:
North NSW retreat Gold Coast (various dates) Sunshine Coast (various dates)

Choose your own dates and location for your cycling escape